Taking Back Your Phone System with VoIP & Asterisk: an overview

I will be giving a short talk this evening for CPLUG on VoIP and Asterisk: “Taking Back Your Phone System with VoIP & Asterisk: an overview”. John will be talking about Dropbox and John Place will be giving us an overview of Rackspace Cloud. I hear that Ubuntu One will be discussed too. It should […]

Books to Read: 100 Ways to Motivate Others

So, I am on a Steve Chandler┬ákick recently and read a second book coauthored by him (along with Scott Richardson) because I like 9 Lies so much. The 9 Lies book has become a reference manual for me and I find myself going back to it weekly for tidbits of advice. This most current read […]

Books to Read: 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back

Several weeks ago, I was driving home from a trip to Pa. and was enthralled by an interview with Steve Chandler, co-author of 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back, an in-depth examination of the common myths that drive small business owners into a victim mentality and out of business. This is a superb […]

New Web Site Features: Books to Read & On the Radar

I am introducing two new categories to the web site: Books to Read and On the Radar. If you aren’t already aware, you can get to different categories of information here at keycruncher.com by clicking on the category name on the right-side menu of this screen. Choosing a category and clicking on it will present […]