Best of FOSE 2009: My picks

Pat Wittle and I had the pleasure of attending FOSE 2009: day 2 yesterday at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, D.C. We had the pleasure to take in some of the latest and greatest new technology available to government and the private sector. FOSE hosted several hundred exhibitors this year and […]

Research Charities Before You Donate Your Dollars

In a season when charity solicitations are plentiful and you may be more inclined to give your dollars in donations, it is important to know how much of your dollar is actually given to those in need. Luckily, there are some good web sites that can help you research the beneficiary of your gift before […]

OtR: Find eBay Deals Through Misspelled Auction Titles & Typos

Some of the best deals I have found on eBay are auctions with typos and misspellings in the title or listing text. Oftentimes these auctions are overlooked because they do not turn up in keyword searches. The gumshoo search engine gives you the edge in winning those great deals that were overlooked because others could […]

Opt Out of Pre Approved Credit Offers

If you are like me, you might be annoyed by all of the pre-approved credit offers you receive in the mail. In my case, the offers are generally not anything I am interested in and it really annoys me that so much paper and energy is wasted in the process.  You may not know that […]

OtR: SANS Institute Free Security Whitepapers

One of my fellow Richmond Metro LUG (RMLUG) members recently pointed out the Reading Room at the SANS Institute. The Reading Room gives you free access to over 1,600 free white papers on numerous security topics; wireless mesh security, intrusion prevention, Windows firewall security dissection and identity theft are just a few of the topics […]

Create ISO Images in Windows XP

I have used the free Power Toy ISO Recorder for quite a while on Windows XP and the program works great; it is available for Windows Vista as well. If you have a CD that you want to rip an ISO* of for backup purposes, this is a great tool to use. Once installed, just […]

Free AutoCAD file viewer for .DWG format

A while back I received CAD drawings from a manufacturer and needed to find a free viewer to open the .DWG files in Windows. Informative Graphics Corporation makes just such a free tool, called Free DWG viewer. It doesn’t do anything fancy beyond letting you view AutoCAD .DWG, .DWF, and .DXF files, and you have […]

Richmond Center for Life Enhancement

I thought it worthy of mention that I officially launched the Richmond Center for Life Enhancement web site tonight. C4LE is a group of mental health pracititioners that Michele is an active part of. We are both excited to formally introduce the neurofeedback services that Michele administers as a technician here in Richmond, Va and we […]

OtR: Font Identification and Corporate Logos

Credit for these two great finds goes to Adam, who told me about the following web sites this past weekend when we were discussing graphics. Thanks Adam! “Ever wanted to find a font just like the one used by certain publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using our WhatTheFont font recognition […]

OtR: Back to School without the Tuition

One of the most exciting things about the internet, in my view, has always been the open hand philosophy that it promotes. In the spirit of freely sharing knowledge to better equip others to make informed decisions, bloggers and webmasters the world over continually post experiences and knowledge to the web, hoping that it may […]