EX500 Kawasaki Motorcycle Information Still Online

I get a lot of visitors to the site looking for Kawasaki Ninja 500 Information and wanted to point out exactly where to go to get to the information on this motorcycle. Either: -Click on EX500 Information on the right side menu or, -Navigate directly to http://www.keycruncher.com/ex500 In this small section of the web site, […]

2003 Aprilia SL1000R Falco Derestriction

I am just as much in love with the 2003 Aprilia Falco as the day I first rode it 3 years ago and am still very glad that I purchased one. I just recently finished break-in, am feeling comfortable with the power the bike makes and decided it was time to investigate the well known […]

1998 Honda Civic EX Stereo Speaker Wiring Color Code

This is the color code for the stereo wiring in Michele’s 1998 Honda Civic EX. It is probably also the standard color scheme on other 96-98 Civics as well. Right Front (+) blue (-) gray / black stripe Left Rear (+) blue / yellow stripe (-) gray / white stripe Right Rear (+) red / […]