We have lost a great visionary. RIP Steve Jobs


Hulu Really IS More Valuable than Prime-time TV

Several weeks ago, I wrote about how much more effective Hulu is than conventional TV at getting me to watch commercials. PC World recently caught on too and wrote an interesting article on the subject this week. It turns out that advertisers are paying 1.5 – 3 times more (per thousand viewers) for ads shown […]

How does Hulu do it? What Hulu taught me about advertising

A good deal of my TV viewing is done through Hulu. If you are not familiar with the service, Hulu is bascially a web-based television — allowing you to watch the latest episodes of a number of popular TV programs through your computer. To boot, they have quite an archive of old favorites too; I […]

PowerPoint Slides on LimeSurvey from CPLUG Talk

Thank you to everyone that came out to the CPLUG meeting tonight to hear Bob Igo and I talk about Magento /VirtualBox and LimeSurvey. You can download my Introduction to LimeSurvey PowerPoint slides: HERE

Presenting @ CPLUG this evening: LimeSurvey Overview & Demo

I will be presenting an overview and demo of the LimeSurvey open source electronic survey software this evening at 6:30pm for the Central Pennsylvania Linux User Group (CPLUG); we meet at ITT Tech on Eisenhower Blvd in Harrisburg, PA. The meeting details can be found here if you would like to attend: CPLUG Meeting Details […]

How to get Embarq DSL without local phone service (aka dry loop or “naked” DSL)

I recently moved back to Pennsylvania and the house that I moved to has but one option for high-speed internet: DSL provided by Embarq. Unfortunately, Embarq is not as progressive as their competitors that offer DSL as a standalone service. If you are not savvy about so-called dry-loop DSL (or as Embarq calls it, “naked” […]

Consistent, automated e-marketing with AWeber

As featured in the Central Penn Business Journal: We all know that keeping in contact with customers and prospects, helping them to better understand your value, is essential to long-term growth and success. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day that you can use to carry out your marketing and justify your […]

Word-of-mouth is a sales tool

What is the word on the street about your business? Have you taken the time to find out and to foster a good word-of-mouth reputation? The fact is that people are talking about your business and they are more likely to talk about their negative experience than the positive ones. Accordingly, it is vitally important […]

Desire, perception and sales

My favorite grocery store company has a very strong and captivating brand. No, I am not talking about the company’s logo or the type of advertisements the business runs in the Sunday newspaper. When I say brand, I mean that the company has so many unique and desirable attributes that I want to shop there. […]

Survey your customers

If you are struggling to figure out your customers, perhaps you should consider asking them some questions. Surveying your clientele on a regular basis, even in an informal way, can accomplish a number of important goals and provide your business with much-needed credibility in the marketplace. Read the full article