What is union card check and why should you care?

Union card check, as presented in the dubiously named “Employee Free Choice Act”, is pretty scary stuff for both workers and entrepreneurs alike. The legislation would primarily do two things: Allow organized labor establishment at any business, regardless of size, with a simple majority. In other words, unionization could be forced on a small business […]

Word-of-mouth is a sales tool

What is the word on the street about your business? Have you taken the time to find out and to foster a good word-of-mouth reputation? The fact is that people are talking about your business and they are more likely to talk about their negative experience than the positive ones. Accordingly, it is vitally important […]

Hallmarks of great leaders

With the presidential campaigns in full swing, I have been thinking about the qualities that I often recognize in great leaders. To me, a superior leader uses the word “we” appropriately. How many of us have had bosses who use the word “we” when they really mean “you?” The people I recognize as great leaders […]