More Marketing Fun

I recently had the opportunity to develop some new corporate pricing structures and programs . To communicate these efforts, I created the marketing programs shown below. Our last outing with the marketing materials garnered a great response to my work and I hope that these help solidify the corporate brand even further, helping both new […]

Open Comments – an experiment

Commenting is now allowed by all, as an experiment. Hopefully, I will not suffer too much spam carnage and will be able to keep things open this way indefinitely. Have fun!

Zach Miller Appears with Dr. Dog on Conan O’Brien

Way back in the day, Zach Miller and I worked the light cage at Big Spring High School and I was even lucky enough to (try to) play guitar with Zach a few times with some friends; I say try to because Zach is an amazing guitarist and at the time, I had a Strat-alike […]

A new Mommy & Daddy

Congratulations Doug and Tiff! Baby girl Jocelyn Renae was born yesterday (2/26) at 3:15 pm. She is 7 lbs. 7.7 oz, 20.5 inches long and quite adorable I am sure. We are anxious to see pictures and wish all of you the very best. We will see you soon.

OtR: NorhTec MicroServers

If you are looking for the smallest and least power hungry thin client or lightweight desktop out there, NorhTec might be answering your call. The MicroClient Jr. costs just $120.00 and is capable of CF (compact flash) boot, PXE boot or even USB boot. If you are looking for something a little more robust than […]

Babies everywhere!

Congratulations to Doug and Tiff on their recent announcement that they are expecting! Tim and Leilani had their baby early this morning (finally). Congratulations to you both! AND Jess and Sasha recently had a little one too. Congrats! Now everybody is going to start wondering about us… At least we still have Jeremy and Michelle […]

Back to reality, home from Southern Caribbean cruise

Michele and I got home from our Southern Caribbean cruise aboard the ms Maasdam with Holland America LineĀ on Wednesday. In all, we visited St. Thomas (USVI), Dominica, Barbados, St. Kitts, and our favorite, Puerto Rico. We got a late start because of a failing engine on the ship and had to skip our first stop […]

Is your lunch gone? Check the Accounting department.

This is a really funny article that definitely confirmed my suspicions: Accounting really is up to no good and my IT co-workers… they are least likely to steal my lunch!

Funny Kitty Moments

It is easy to see that Bella has been up to funny antics for quite some time… (click the image to see the large version)

Lauxmont Farms

As many of you know, Michele and I will be married at Lauxmont Farms in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania this coming spring. I see from my web stats that a good many people get to my web site searching for information on Lauxmont Farms and since their web site ( doesn’t have any pictures, I thought I […]