tapestry technologies Offers License-free Business Telephone Solutions using Asterisk®, Polycom® and Xorcom™

VoIP telephony engineers at tapestry technologies, LLC are now certified with Polycom and Xorcom to design affordable voice over IP business phone systems that do not require yearly per-feature, per-user, hardware, or software usage fees. http://www.prweb.com/releases/prweb2012/8/prweb9668518.htm

What is union card check and why should you care?

Union card check, as presented in the dubiously named “Employee Free Choice Act”, is pretty scary stuff for both workers and entrepreneurs alike. The legislation would primarily do two things: Allow organized labor establishment at any business, regardless of size, with a simple majority. In other words, unionization could be forced on a small business […]

In the Business of Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

Michele and I had a good laugh yesterday, the first day of the new year, when we realized that the local health club was… closed. I commend them for their unabashed policy of weeding out all the fakers right from the get-go. Besides, what better excuse can you have for breaking your resolution on the […]

Congrats Kenny and Annette!

Congratulations to Kenny and Annette (Comp) Cramer, proud new parents of a baby boy! Clayten Lee was born yesterday and is healthy and happy.

Opt Out of Pre Approved Credit Offers

If you are like me, you might be annoyed by all of the pre-approved credit offers you receive in the mail. In my case, the offers are generally not anything I am interested in and it really annoys me that so much paper and energy is wasted in the process.  You may not know that […]

A LifeLock (TM) Alternative: Free DIY Identity Theft Protection

Identity and credit theft is, without a doubt, a huge problem and one that you should be concerned about. Arguably, simply checking your credit report periodically may not be enough to protect yourself and doing so certainly does nothing proactive to stimie theft of own’s identity before it has already happened. LifeLock (TM) is an […]

Ava Grace Barrick Born: Congrats!

Congratulations to Jeremy and Michelle Barrick, the latest of our friends to join the ranks of parenthood. I think we are getting outnumbered now as the few people left with no kids. 🙂 Ava Grace Barrick was born right on schedule this evening and is very healthy. We look forward to having pictures soon!

What’s new at keycruncher.com?

I finally got some of my own photos in the headers of the site, so keep your eyes open for your own photo. 🙂 I had to make some custom changes to the software, so if you notice any issues, please leave me a comment. I also took some time this morning to update the […]

Free AutoCAD file viewer for .DWG format

A while back I received CAD drawings from a manufacturer and needed to find a free viewer to open the .DWG files in Windows. Informative Graphics Corporation makes just such a free tool, called Free DWG viewer. It doesn’t do anything fancy beyond letting you view AutoCAD .DWG, .DWF, and .DXF files, and you have […]

Richmond Center for Life Enhancement

I thought it worthy of mention that I officially launched the Richmond Center for Life Enhancement web site tonight. C4LE is a group of mental health pracititioners that Michele is an active part of. We are both excited to formally introduce the neurofeedback services that Michele administers as a technician here in Richmond, Va and we […]