GoToMyPC Data Execution Prevention Error and Installing GoToMyPC over Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

A client of mine likes to use GoToMyPC to access her office computers and I ran into a couple snags getting GoToMyPC installed remotely. The solutions and problems I was having do not appear to be documented anywhere, so hopefully others will find the following tips helpful.

Internet Explorer – Data Execution Prevention Error
My first problem was that I received a Windows / IE8 DEP error when trying to load the GoToMyPC software from the Citrix web site. Trying to disable DEP, adding exceptions, etc. did not seem to help. According to Citrix support, GoToMyPC will throw a DEP error in Internet Explorer 8 if you do not have Java installed. That was my case.

Installing GoToMyPC over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
Having had no luck installing GoToMyPC using IE8, I installed Firefox and tried a manual download and install. Everything appeared to install correctly, but I never saw the system tray icon, nor did the Citrix web site seem to think that I had any computers registered with the service.

Apparently, Citrix blocks installation of GoToMyPC (and GoToAssist Express, also) over a Remote Desktop Protocol connection. You must have a physical console connection (or perhaps use something like VNC instead) to fully install and activate the service on the host PC. Once I switched to this particular virtual machine’s remote console instead of using RDP, the installation completed without a hitch.

I can certainly understand why Citrix puts this restriction in the programs mentioned, but it is annoying nonetheless. Hopefully if you are having the same issue, these tips will resolve the problem for you.

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  1. I had the same problem with not having java installed while trying to get GoToMyPC installed on a spare laptop. Minor at the end of the day, but aggravating none the less.

  2. I too had this issue today. Thanks for the confirmation.

  3. Same here – testing GoToMyPC on IE8 after an XP rebuild and ran into the DEP issue – thanks for the solution!

  4. THANK YOU! Man, same deal here with RDP! Client likes GotomyPC (and actually occasionally needs to have 2 concurrent sessions to the same machine) so I used RDP to get in and could NOT figure out what was going on. Same thing happened: DL the program, run the installer, then…. nothing. Installed using compatibility for 5 different version/service packs. Still no luck.

    Looks like I’m going to have to make a trip to install locally. Thanks again, you’ve restored my sanity.

  5. You’re welcome, Justin. If it is any help… I have been getting around some problems like this with VNC:

    -Use RDP (which you already have working) to install VNC.

    -Remote into the computer using VNC

    -Install the program that has an RDP restriction

    -Close your VNC session and reopen RDP

    -Remove VNC

    -Live happily ever after 🙂

  6. Holy smokes, here’s how I got it installed:
    1. connect to pc via RDP.
    2. Install and run teamviewer.
    3. Connect to PC via teamviwer and Install VNC. (tried to install Go2, with no luck so I went back to the VNC method.)
    4. Connect to PC via VNC and install Go2.

    Win! Hahaha, how convoluted!

  7. LOL Sounds like you had fun with that one. I have been using with success lately as well, for any others who come across this post….

    Glad you got it working.

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