Linksys EG1032 v3 works in gigabit mode on Openfiler 2.3

Just a quick follow-up on my previous post regarding the Linksys EG1032 and Openfiler 2.3: We have confirmed that the v3 of the Linksys EG1032 does work in gigabit mode on Openfiler 2.3 when provided with a gigabit uplink.

I have also tried the EG1032 v3 with ESX 3.5 on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 without any luck as of yet. The card is not recognized by the operating system with a default install.

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  1. I downloaded and installed FreeNAS yesterday, it’s a very cool free NAS server with a nifty web-based UI. The only prob is that it won’t combine with our Active Directory, and there’s no facility to create permissions within freeNAS. FreeNAS is rendered pretty useless to me with this ‘your either in or your out’ format. Has Openfiler got a permissions facility? I know it’s a lot more complicated to install than freeNAS, and I’m a serious newbie when it comes to this stuff.

    The fact that these facilities are free is a serious bonus so if anyone has any suggestions, I’d really, REALLY appreciate it.


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