Hulu Really IS More Valuable than Prime-time TV

Several weeks ago, I wrote about how much more effective Hulu is than conventional TV at getting me to watch commercials. PC World recently caught on too and wrote an interesting article on the subject this week. It turns out that advertisers are paying 1.5 – 3 times more (per thousand viewers) for ads shown on Hulu than on prime-time television:

The Simpsons: Worth More on Hulu than Fox

As one commenter, chuckchuck, to the PC World article puts it:

“watching shows online is beneficial to the viewer because it’s when we want it, with few (if any interruptions) – take the basic 15-30 second commerical on sites like HULU and increase it, and it’s back to downloading illegally – think people! When you’ve got something good, don’t screw it up!”

I agree wholeheartedly. Should Hulu decide to lengthen commercial spots, allowing me time to actually make it to the fridge and back, I am lost and the commercial has zero value. Hulu knows exactly the same thing that Google does: Show people ads in an unobtrusive way and we will react more positively overall. Hulu IS turning our brains to mush… and making a good buck at it too!

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