Guerilla Marketing from AdWords guru Perry Marshall

If you want to know everything there is to know about Google AdWords and you do not know who Perry Marshall is, find out! Perry is the AdWords guru and has been perfecting and proselytizing the right way to direct market using Google AdWords for many years.

I make the introduction to Perry only because the idea I am about to relate is not my own, but one that Perry presented at an industry talk several years ago. If all of this AdWords information I have been telling you these past few weeks has peaked your interest, go to and you will find a plethora of valuable information in recorded talks given by Perry. Furthermore, go to and sign up for Perry’s free e-newsletter. Be forewarned, your head might explode with exciting ideas as Perry gives concrete and real-world examples of how to make AdWords work for your business.

Are you ready? Here is the breakthrough idea that Perry proposed:

As an entrepreneur who has a business idea, you can test a market, unlock the secrets that sell in that demographic, and figure out what allows your competition to dominate without ever investing a dime in inventory or taking any major risk. The only collateral you have on the line is a few dollars each month in advertising with Google AdWords. The best part is that AdWords allows you to control to the penny how much you spend daily and you can back out at any time without losing your shirt.

This is one of those ideas that makes you smack yourself in the head for not thinking of it yourself and here it is:

Take the idea you want to market, identify your biggest competition and then buy advertising for their web site using Google AdWords. That’s right! You are going to market for the competition to find out what works before taking any risk on the concept.

Employing this strategy allows you to see what your competition’s demographic is searching for and truly interested in; in turn, this strategy allows you to see what sells and what does not.

As you perfect the advertising and draw prospects in, you can even deploy opt-in campaigns and surveys in the middle of the process, building a database of interested buyers on the way to the competition’s site. Later, you can contact these prospects directly, tell them about your improved concept and attract them away from the competition!

Read more about Google AdWords at the Central Penn Business Journal web site.

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