Working VoIP on the Nokia E51

I got my Nokia E51 GSM cell / VoIP tonight and, thanks to user malubob on the Nokia forums, I have a working SIP voice over IP (VoIP) connection to These settings should apply to just about any S60 platform Nokia VoIP phone that you need to use on CallCentric; just remember that your phone will need to either have the SIP software built in or you will need to download some third party software.

You can reach these settings by navigating to Menu > Settings > Connections > SIP Settings:

  • Profile name: Whatever you wish
  • Service profile: IETF
  • Default access point: I used my home network
  • Public user name: (fill in your own phone number from the control panel. sip: will be automatically prepended when you exit.)
  • Use compression: No
  • Registration: Always on (or your preference)
  • Proxy server: Leave blank
  • Registrar Server address:
  • Realm:
  • User name: 1717xxxxxxx (again, your own number)
  • Password: your password to the control panel
  • Transport type: UDP
  • Port: 5060

5 Responses to “Working VoIP on the Nokia E51”

  1. Thanks, I was looking for these settings from a very long time, hopefully they’ll work for me.

  2. My CallCentric was working fine on Nokia N95 but when I switched to E51 the party I call, can not hear me.
    CallCentric suggested changing the order of codecs – anybody has an idea how to do that?

  3. Gr8, this works really well on my E71, the native VOIP experience without the add on softwares is fantastic. Thanks a lot for posting the settings with clear detail for Callcentric, have been experimenting for 3 hrs on this.

  4. Thank you SO much. I spent many hours trying to figure this out. Your instructions worked like perfectly! 😀

  5. Thanks for the post. E51 VoIP works wonderfully well with Callcentric. I’ve setup my Callcentric phone to forward calls to my cell phone when not registered, so when I’m home, calls come by WiFi, and when I’m outside, by cell. Perfect!

    One note – I did enable compression (Compression=YES) and it works well.

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