A Note about RSS Feeds on keycruncher.com

If you are an RSS subscriber, I apologize for the moves the past few days. I have made one final move to facilitate better statistical tracking and all RSS/Atom subscribers should point to:


Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!

3 Responses to “A Note about RSS Feeds on keycruncher.com”

  1. Yeah, so… that feed doesn’t work for me. Neither does the comments feed. I guess I’ll have to check back later since I can’t use RSS right now… 🙁

  2. okay; now it works. wierd – before just a little ago neither the posts rss or the comments rss worked.

  3. Doug, if you continue to have problems picking up the RSS feed, please keep me posted. Feedburner is not in a fully released state and may have some quirks. Thanks!

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