Books to Read: 100 Ways to Motivate Others

So, I am on a Steve Chandler kick recently and read a second book coauthored by him (along with Scott Richardson) because I like 9 Lies so much. The 9 Lies book has become a reference manual for me and I find myself going back to it weekly for tidbits of advice. This most current read is titled 100 Ways to Motivate Others: How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results without Drive People Crazy and gives 100 short tips and real world scenarios that you can use in managing and working with others. 

Steve Chandler: 100 Ways to Motivate OthersIf you are interested in becoming a better team player and better understanding the motivations of others, I would check this one out. Overall this book and the 9 Lies book have helped me to slow down, identify the truly important tasks to tackle each day and to manage my time and expectations much better through focus on the things that hold long term value and help build better business relationships. I guess one of the things that I liked best in this particular book was the fact that the author tackles not only the problems that others may have, but assists the reader in raising their own personal motivation levels and gives steps to identify personal problems and weaknesses that drive business interactions, successes and failures of the teams that we manage. One of the most interesting tacts of the books is that the author asks the reader to examine why things aren’t working because of them and then worry about how to manage others and get excellent results secondly.

ISBN 1-56414-771-1

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