New Web Site Features: Books to Read & On the Radar

I am introducing two new categories to the web site: Books to Read and On the Radar. If you aren’t already aware, you can get to different categories of information here at by clicking on the category name on the right-side menu of this screen. Choosing a category and clicking on it will present you with only the weblog entries made that have been classified in your chosen category.

Books to Read will periodically feature a worthwhile read that I have recently completed and recommend to my friends and family. Hopefully this category will cover many genres of books, yet I suspect that the first few will be in the genre of fiction and business.

On the Radar will be my best attempt to share interesting web sites with visitors to this web site. Regularly I gleen useful information about new and exciting web sites in oral exchanges with my friends and colleagues and I will try to feature those and my own unique finds here.

I hope that you enjoy the new features!

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