1998 Honda Civic EX Stereo Speaker Wiring Color Code

This is the color code for the stereo wiring in Michele’s 1998 Honda Civic EX. It is probably also the standard color scheme on other 96-98 Civics as well.

Right Front (+) blue (-) gray / black stripe
Left Rear (+) blue / yellow stripe (-) gray / white stripe
Right Rear (+) red / yellow stripe (-) brown / white stripe

The reason I know all of this is that I replaced the 6 1/2″  and 6″ x 9″ speakers in the front and rear respectively of Michele’s car. Her right rear was blown out and all of the paper cones were starting to rot out. I picked up a pair of Jensen JX269 for the rear and JX265 for the front to replace them. They both seem to be pretty decent for a sub-$50 pair of two-way speakers hooked to a stock head unit. They would probably do a little better with a better head unit and a small amp, but I didn’t want to sink that much money into the deal. They definately sound better than stock, but they aren’t going to win any competitions any time soon. 🙂

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  1. any color code for left front ?

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Hm… for some reason, I did not write that down! It would be the other left over cable in the harness, with black stripe going to negative and the solid color going to positive. Sorry I can not be more help.


  3. Help me please,

    This may be a dumb question, but I would like to replace a factory radio with an aftermarket in a 1998 honda civic, The harness has only one connector, but the back of the radio has two. What is the smaller connector for.



  4. Hey John,

    You are going to need what is called a “wiring harness” to go from your car’s wiring to the wiring on your stereo. This is a plug and play piece of equipment that will convert the wires to all the right connections to let your stereo work.

    Do you have a Civic with an alarm system or keyless entry? If you do, the alarm and keyless entry are probably built in to the factory radio. For this reason, you have to keep the factory radio in the car WITH the new radio. This sounds funny, but you can buy a special harness specifically for this purpose that allows you to have both stereos plugged in at the same time.

    Now what do I do with the original factory stereo, you ask? You hide it inside the dash, behind and below the new stereo. It is a tight fit, but on my 1998 Civic, there was just enough room to squeeze the old radio behind the dashboard and put in the new stereo. This way, I can still use keyless entry.

    You will also need a “bezel” or piece of plastic that is specifically made to take up the space between your new stereo and any space left by removing your old stereo from the dash.

    I have found that the best place to get all of these harnesses and bezels, etc. is Crutchfield.com. Here is a link directly to their “Car Stereo Installation” section of their web site. The great part about Crutchfield is that they send instructions on how to use the accessories and do weird things like hook up to stereos in one car.


    Good luck and if you need further help, post back to my web site your exact year, make and model of car as well as the exact make and model of stereo and I can try to help you out further.


  5. hey thanks so much for the info…just replaced my 6×9’s with some kickers…the wiring info helped greatly..

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