Challenging the Two Party System in America at Long Last

I picked this up on and it speaks pretty well for itself:

Headline: Presidential Candidates Arrested at Debates

h8macs writes “Third party Presidential candidates Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and David Cobb (Green) were arrested while attempting to enter the presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.” -|link to original post|-

As an unaffiliated voter who is always open to the *right* candidates and not just the ones that happen to belong to a certain political party, I can only say that this is a step in the right direction. Far too many of the political decisions in America are made on the basis of partisan affiliations. If you know anything about the hoops that third party candidates have to jump through to even get on the ballot, you understand that the two party system in America heavily discriminates against third party candidates to the point of making it almost an impossibility to get elected. Perhaps more of us in our generation are interested in changing that? This is very encouraging news for I certainly know that I am; I commend you, gentlemen. Whether or not I agree with your platforms… I don’t know; I guess I would need to hear from you to decide!

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